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Business Writing

Blogs can be tailored according to the needs of your business and can serve a much more interesting purpose than one can imagine. For instance, while writing for an IT outsourcing company named QL Tech, we found that they wanted to explain complex concepts such as computer languages and web development technicalities to laymen. To meet this need, we started to use commonplace examples to explain complex concepts, like explaining marketing automation as involuntary functions of a https://www.qltech.com.au/general/motivation-startup/3-musts-grow-business, such as breathing, digestion and so forth.

ICICI Bank is a name which needs little introduction. We partnered with the esteemed organisation for disseminating knowledge on India’s taxation system.  The seeds of this partnership lay in the adoption of the Goods & Services Tax as the new indirect tax regime of the country. ICICI Bank wanted to create a portal of information for everything related to taxes in India. Writopedia’s lucid and precise portrayal of the tax structure enabled ICICI Bank to add a new dimension to their website. With our enriched web page content, the Bank’s clientele got easy access to reliable information.

Our team designs customised strategies for each client based on the business and target audience. While we recommend quality content for each web page and also an informational blog to all the clients, for some clients we also recommend third-party blog submissions in order to generate good backlinks and improve their presence in already renowned blogs with good reader base. With quality SEO articles on credible third-party websites, we help our clients increase their presence and generate more organic leads. One such example is of our client, Cygnet Infotech. Cygnet is already a very well-placed IT giant in India and their division of Cygneto-Apps primarily provides custom software solutions for field sales and mobile ordering to multiple clients. In order to promote their field sales solutions, we came up with a double integration solution in terms of SEO content writing – one for their own blog and one for third-party blogs. In their own blog, we aimed at spreading awareness and information to interested people – each article focusing on one aspect of the field sales software. We came up with articles that explain the importance of a field sales management app and how field sales apps can be a game changer for industries like the F&B. For the third-party blog, we came up with more solution-oriented articles that would be relevant to a wider audience looking for enhancing their sales strategies. We offered one such generic sales solution by writing on how you can turn the most common sales objections in your favour.

Harsha Abakus is one of the top 5 independent players in the Indian solar energy sector. Harsha Abakus was looking to redesign their website content, so that it can reflect their values and dynamism, while simultaneously showcasing their growth. We provided them with end-to-end content for all the sections and web pages of their website, including management of website architecture along with curation of specific content for each webpage.