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Develop Consistent Readership for Any Media

How to Develop Consistent Readership for Any Media

Trust: The King of Content Kingdom How to Develop Consistent Readership for Any Media The battle for garnering attention has been a constant power struggle for the media industry since the advent of newspapers. The psychology behind what grabs the most eyeballs has been puzzling people even in present day. As people’s habits of consuming […]

Content Writing Tricks and Its Impact on Business

Content Writing Tricks and Its Impact on Business | Writopedia

Content Writing Avatars – Tricky, Treacherous, Virtuous “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” – Albus Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore’s words are golden advice for those who play with words for a living. We live in the time where the world […]

Page Ranking in Search Engines.

How does Page Ranking Happen: Search Engines and their Secrets

What is Page Ranking: To understand the importance of it, we must first understand what page ranking means when it comes to search engines and your internet experience. When you go online and use Google, say for example, you type in the words you think will best enable Google to find your desired result. But […]

Learn how webpages and websites get stored in Google's index.

Web Indexing: How does it Make Our Lives Easier?

What is Indexing? Indexing is quite simply put, just a list of things. When you open a book, the very first thing you see after all the acknowledgements is a list of everything that is in the book, this is called the index, remember? So, in a similar fashion, an index is used for managing […]

This is how the Google bot crawls the entire internet.

Web Crawlers: What are they and How Do They Work?

To understand how the internet works, we must first understand programs called web crawlers. If you are visualizing a spider in your head, from the various times you might have heard this word before, then you are correct. Another name for web crawlers is indeed spiders. “Where there is a web, there is a spider” […]

how to write in a reader friendly way with these simple tips!

How to Write Reader-friendly Content for Better Customer Retention

A reading experience can become a memorable one when the written article or blog is interactive, infused with emotions and laden with expressions that a reader can relate to. No matter what the genre is – academic, educative, as a business promotion tool or a web content page – if the writing is interactive, easy […]

Will Writing Process Outsourcing take over SEO Content Marketing?

What is Writing Process Outsourcing? Writing Process Outsourcing (WPO) is a new industry which works on similar principles as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). It is the process of hiring companies to deal with the content needs of all businesses. With the growing importance of content in the online world, most […]

Content related SEO considerations for your website homepage

Importance of Homepage Optimization If websites were books, then homepages would be the notoriously judged covers. Optimizing homepages for SEO is in vogue and for all the right reasons. Any user who is looking for services first lands on your homepage and that’s where all the judging begins. Before deciding whether he wants to do […]

10 things you did not know about how images can help in SEO

Can Images boost the SEO rankings of your page? Have you ever wondered whether or not Images on the web page can help to improve the SEO ranking of your page? If you have, then the answer is a straightforward YES! Images can help boost the SEO rankings of your page more than you can […]

10 Things that would make Visitors Uncomfortable with your Content

10 Things that would make Visitors Uncomfortable with your Content Not being human enough Let’s face it, even with all the technological innovation that is going about today, creating robots to read blog content is something that just does not seem right. That being said, every blog writer needs to understand the importance of creating content […]