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Will Writing Process Outsourcing take over SEO Content Marketing?

What is Writing Process Outsourcing?

Writing Process Outsourcing (WPO) is a new industry which works on similar principles as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). It is the process of hiring companies to deal with the content needs of all businesses. With the growing importance of content in the online world, most large organizations are turning towards digital content marketing.

Some organizations are even investing more in content marketing rather than in conventional marketing. As the trend continues, there will come a time when all businesses will be compelled to adopt digital content marketing. If you see the current trends, online content marketing offers a much higher rate of return than conventional marketing.

Titles and meta description on the SERPs


However, not all organizations are adept at creating content suitable for content marketing. Also with the vast ocean of tools that are available for each aspect of content creation & marketing, it has become inevitable to consult the experts for it.

Most of the companies that still develop content in the traditional way end up not being rewarded for their efforts. Even good quality content that is not organized properly does not help in marketing. This is true the other way around as well. The underlying reason for this problem is that they do not comprehend the complexities involved in content marketing.

Apart from the tools, expertise is also required in terms of the complete understanding and hands-on experience of what we call the SEO aspects of the content, as described in the images below:

Most organizations and business owners think that content marketing is exactly the same as content writing. Hence, they invest in content writing and not content marketing, and then complain that content marketing is of no use to them. However, writing process outsourcing is aimed to solve this very problem which is faced by numerous organizations worldwide – to bridge the gap between content writing & content marketing by hiring the experts for both

Writing process outsourcing companies employ a team of content specialists and digital marketing experts. The digital marketers perform the entire research to develop a content marketing strategy based on the requirements of the business. Content specialists are then tasked with creating unique content which adheres to the content marketing strategy.

The Importance of Writing Process Outsourcing

As the WPO industry grows, so will its significant foothold across all other industries. With the formidable combination of digital marketers and content specialists, the WPO organizations could end up guiding the online performance of multiple industries and corporations.

Hiring a content writer or a digital marketer alone is not enough to create and deploy a content marketing strategy. And hiring both can prove to be a costly affair for most businesses. Also, content marketing being a very dynamic industry, it could be a daunting task to keep the content department up to date with the latest developments. Writing process outsourcing offers the best of both worlds and help you be updated with the latest trends, tools and techniques

In the table below, we have highlighted more such differences between an in-house team or an outsourced specialist team for content marketing:


Aspect of Consideration In-house content marketing team Content marketing outsourced to a WPO organization
Cost to Company Not cost effective. High investments required for constant training, research & development. Highly cost effective. No extra costs for training or purchasing new tools.
New tools & industry wide developments Are not necessarily constantly updated and generally are late adaptors Have to be constantly updated with latest tools & developments
Experimentation Playground Limited to your organization Vast & Wide experience of experimenting across domains, forums & search engines
Return on Investment Not guaranteed Guaranteed through experience
Know how about your business As they work from the office, they are well acquainted with the company’s business & processes They are trained to acquire thorough knowledge about your business & processes while working in tandem with your in-house marketing team and then apply it for maximum returns
Desired Results Might be achieved Effectively delivered
Analytics Models Might have to be developed or purchased based on your requirements They have set analytics model to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of content marketing strategies
Intelligence Need to be developed based on the organization needs Already tried & tested intelligence models for research, creation and marketing.
Turnaround time High Very low. Content of tens of thousands of words can be generated in a matter of hours when you hire a dedicated team of professionals.
Access to Data driven trends Very limited With all the data they accumulate across industries, they in a way guide the content marketing trends.
Automation Mostly the complete process is manual They automate a lot of your content creation & marketing process through machine learning. This ensures you do not miss out due to human errors.

In the present times, most large organizations exploit digital content marketing and leave no room for the small and medium businesses. However, the writing process industry aims to create a level playing field with regards to digital content marketing for all businesses. When a business outsources their writing process, they don’t have to worry about hiring or training content developers or digital marketers. They just have to hire the right company, which can take care of all their content marketing needs. The entire process of hiring and training content specialists and digital marketers is accomplished by the writing process outsourcing companies. Thus, writing process outsourcing companies are all set to play an integral part in the digital content marketing revolution.


The Growth of Writing Process Outsourcing

With the recent developments in technology, the world is turning to the Internet to seek answers to all their questions. This is where content plays an important role, not just in establishing the credibility of the business, but also in marketing. Statistics from the International Telecommunication Union disclose that in 2005, only 16% of the total population of the world had access to the Internet. However, within a decade, the percentage of Internet users around the world increased to 47%.

The growing number of Internet users around the world would directly result in more and more people searching for information on the Internet. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. have developed complicated search algorithms which help the users find the exact information which they want. Content marketing offers an option to harness the potential of the search engines to benefit your business. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems; content marketing is not just about content. One has to understand the complex algorithm which the search engines use to help you find relevant information on the Internet. Developing content based on the understanding of the search engine algorithms gives rise to digital content marketing.

Hence, as the number of Internet users grows, more and more percentage of the population will resort to the Internet to find information. Hence, even the importance of digital content marketing will increase exponentially. The growing importance of digital content marketing is poised to lead to an exponential growth of the writing process outsourcing industry.

The difference between WPO, KPO, and BPO

According to Tech Target, Knowledge process outsourcing is defined as the subcontracting of certain business processes which deal with skill, knowledge, and information. For example, subcontracting the designing and the drafting process of any engineering industry can be termed as knowledge process outsourcing. It enables the businesses to capitalize on the skills with which they are proficient while letting the experts deal with the processes in which they deploy their expertise. This enhances the overall efficiency of all business processes since they are carried out by experts. Sometimes, organizations subcontract its processes to a different country, where the availability of skilled workers is higher and cheaper. This gives the organizations an opportunity to save on subcontracting costs, and thus improve their revenues.

A Forbes contributor, Jordan Kimmel defines Business process outsourcing as the subcontracting of business operations to a third-party. When the idea was conceived, it was only used by large manufacturing companies. These companies would subcontract the production of various smaller parts to smaller industries. Now, these smaller industries specialized in making just the one part, thus gaining an expertise and producing it more effectively. This enabled the large manufacturers to cut down the costs significantly, and improve their revenues. However, in the modern times, business process outsourcing is not applicable just for manufacturers but for all businesses, even service providers. These days, organizations just focus on their primary activities and subcontract their subordinate business processes like human resource management, accounting, etc.

Although very similar conceptually, there is a vast difference between writing process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, and business process outsourcing. Essentially, writing process outsourcing can be defined as a mixture of knowledge process outsourcing and business process outsourcing. WPO combines the essential principles of both, KPO and BPO, and implements them to generate more revenue for the client organizations. For example, all businesses need a content marketing strategy, but it is not their primary business function. The primary business function may be anything, like manufacturing cranes, providing e-services, selling products on e-commerce, developing software, etc. With the help of writing process outsourcing companies, all industries can focus on their primary business functions, and let the experts cater to their content needs.

How Writing Process Outsourcing Works

While writing process outsourcing follows principles similar to business process outsourcing, it functions more like knowledge process outsourcing. The requirements of each organization and each client are different. The writing process outsourcing companies have to create a dynamic work process to cater to the varying needs of the organizations. The key roles in the work processes are played by business developers, digital marketers, and content specialists. In addition to the primary roles, proofreaders, translators, and web developers play an important role.

writing outsourcing process

The following is the typical process generally followed by any writing process outsourcing company:

Team Structure of WPO Companies

Business Developers

Business development managers are the first to interact with the clients and organizations. They form an integral communication link between the client and the team. When the organizations show interest to form a process alliance with the company, business developers comprehensively explain what the company does and how the company does it. Then, they understand and evaluate the requirements of the clients. The client and the business developer then settle on the services which are to be provided and the costs that would be incurred. Once, this process is completed, the business developers create a dynamic team of digital marketers, content specialists, proofreaders, web developers, and translators to the project. The business developers comprehensively explain to the team, the requirements of the client and then put the team in touch with the client.

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers contact the clients to understand their expectations from the content and design a brief content marketing strategy. If the client approves the basic strategy, the digital content marketer creates a comprehensive strategy. For example, if the client requires content for websites or content for professional blogs, then the digital marketer would conduct a market research. The research would include competition research, keyword research, keyword statistics, keyword performance analysis, analytics reports, etc. The research would then be discussed with the client to adopt the best approach towards creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy. The strategy would include creating blog topics or structuring web page content around the market research. Once the client finalizes the plan and approach, comes the role of the content specialist.

Content Specialists

Content specialists are basically the writers of the digital era who deal with the development of focused content which can help in driving web traffic for the clients. The content specialists analyse the content marketing plan and offer their inputs to the clients. The client weighs in on their suggestions and decides whether or not to approve the suggestions. The content developers then begin creating specific content directed towards targeted user groups. Expert content specialists have the ability to develop content which, when published and promoted properly, has the ability to generate more revenue than a team of conventional marketers.

Editors & Proofreaders

The task of the proofreaders is pretty straightforward: find and eliminate the errors from the content developed by the specialists. Proofreaders also have the added responsibility to examine the content and determine whether the content remains focused till the end. There is a possibility that the content developers may write biased, or maybe, focus more on certain topics and less on others. Editors & Proofreaders ensure that the content is devoid of grammatical and structural errors, balanced, and adheres to the content marketing strategy.

Web Developers & SEO Experts

After the editors finalize the content, the web developers or SEO experts run software checks and offer suggestions to improve the readability or the overall SEO score of the written piece. Readability of the content is extremely important for all content which is to be published online. The SEO experts keep in mind the target customers and then determine when and where to publish and promote the content. In addition to publishing the content on the clients’ website, it is also necessary to promote the content at the right places at the right times to drive traffic. For example, depending on what the client’s business is, and who their target customers are, the team of web developers & SEO experts determine website, business blogs, social media platforms, where the content will get maximum exposure. The web developers also work on the aspects of optimizing the back end with clean codes, proper directives, appropriate URLs & navigation path as well as on other aspects like robots.txt.


Sometimes, when the organizations function across multiple language domains or cater to customers who speak different languages, the marketing content needs to be translated into other languages. Translators are proficient with multiple languages and have been trained to conduct a basic keyword research for languages other than the language of the content. Translators ensure that even the translated content is effective for digital content marketing. Under localization strategies, they ensure to translate not just the language but the local feel of the culture as well.

The Effect of Writing Process Outsourcing on SEO content marketing

Yoast defines SEO content marketing as a way to share valuable information and data online to develop an audience and thus, develop the business. Digital content marketing is a process of developing and publishing content to increase the organic traffic to the website. Search Engine Optimization is a process of creating or modifying a website to make it attractive, more accessible, and easy to use. By taking care of these aspects, you can ensure that the search engines rank your website higher on their Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). Writing process outsourcing is bound to play an important part in SEO content marketing.

Most small and medium business owners are not familiar with the concepts of content marketing or SEO and the world of business opportunities that it can open up for them. Hence, the larger organizations gain an undue advantage by exploiting SEO content marketing. However, through writing process outsourcing, even the small and medium business enterprises will have an opportunity to tackle the organizations in the online marketing arena. Writing process outsourcing will empower small and medium size business owners with weapons of war necessary for the content marketing battle. Mind you, these are the same weapons which are used by even the biggest organizations.

With the passing of time, the search engine algorithms are becoming extremely efficient. The search crawlers already know when to look for information, what information to look for, and where to look for it. Such optimization of the content and websites has the potential to lead to an immersive search experience for the users. Eventually, SEO content marketing process will become so efficient that the search engines will be able to pinpoint the perfect information for which the users are conducting the search.

Writing Process Outsourcing and Digital Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute defines Digital Content Marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” According to the content marketing institute, which is one of the top authorities on digital content marketing, conventional marketing will soon become extremely ineffective. Digital content marketing would be the only valuable marketing tool. Gradually, companies seem to grasp the growing importance of online content marketing, and are thus, investing lesser and lesser in conventional marketing strategies.

Multiethnic Group of People Meeting with Symbol

As the writing process outsourcing companies gain expertise, it will enable the small and medium businesses to employ the digital marketing strategies employed by the large organizations. Digital content marketing would be one of the primary business processes of the writing process outsourcing companies. Hence, they will be able to gain a competitive advantage as compared to the digital content marketing teams or departments of the large organizations.

Content Marketing Strategy Development through Writing Process Outsourcing

Developing a content marketing strategy is an indispensable part of content marketing. Developing content for online marketing in the absence of a carefully laid out strategy is like setting up a business without a business plan. The content which is developed for marketing needs to be structured, streamlined, and directed towards the target audience. A content marketing strategy is what enables the content developers to create effective content for online marketing. However, developing an effective content marketing strategy is quite difficult.

Hence, the requirement for digital marketers arises. Digital marketers are proficient with analysing the competition, the market, and even the target customers for all kinds of businesses. Based on their research, they devise a unique content marketing plan as per the requirements of the businesses. This strategy serves as a guideline for the entire process of the creation of content for online marketing. The guideline ensures that the content developers always bear in mind the following aspects:

  • For what purpose are they developing the content
  • The target audience of the content
  • The expectations and abilities of the target audience
  • The framework of the content
  • The geographical location of the target audience
  • Important SEO aspects which must be embedded into the content

Efficient Content Management through Writing Process Outsourcing

Digital content marketing is not a onetime process. Just like conventional marketing, even digital content marketing is an ongoing process. However, unlike conventional marketing, digital content marketing is much more efficient and effective in the current age. Statistics released by Content Marketing Institute conclude that content marketing costs around 60% less than outbound marketing. The same research also elaborates that content marketing has the potential to generate 300% more leads than conventional outbound marketing. A leading B2B marketing platform, Kapost has also released statistics which suggest that great content marketing strategies can drive as much as 8 times more organic traffic to the website.

Writing process outsourcing enables even small and medium businesses to adopt a rewarding content marketing strategy. A great content marketing strategy focuses not only on the development of new content but also on timely recycling and remarketing of existing content. Repurposing the existing content and republishing and promoting also increases the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy. Thus, content management plays an important role in the process of digital content marketing. And writing process outsourcing companies can enable you to manage your marketing content effectively and efficiently.

Writing Process Outsourcing for Social Content Marketing

Just like social media integration is an essential part of search engine optimization; it is also an integral part of digital content marketing. Data released by smart insights reveals that there are more than 2.789 billion active users who use social media today, which comprises 37% of the total population of the world. Statistics released by social media today suggests that an average adult usually spends 116 minutes every day on social media. Such statistics clearly demonstrate the potential of social media as a marketing tool. Leading content marketers also account for social media marketing plans in their content strategies.


However, social media marketing requires a different set of skills than digital marketing. Even the content development process for social media marketing is completely different from digital content marketing. As discussed earlier, most organizations can hardly justify the cost of digital content marketing, let alone the cost of employing a social media marketing team. Hence, the larger companies who run campaigns for both digital marketing and social media marketing have an advantage. However, writing process outsourcing companies usually offer integrated digital content marketing and social media marketing packages. Hence, the WPO companies enable small and medium sized organizations to compete on a level playing ground with the larger organizations on the aspect of social media as well.

Writopedia – A Pioneer of Writing Process Outsourcing

Writopedia is one of the very first companies to introduce the concept of writing process outsourcing in the content writing industry. It is also amongst the top SEO content writing and SEO blogging companies in India. Currently, we work with clients from more than 12 countries, helping them create sustainable content marketing strategies. As a pioneer of writing process outsourcing, Writopedia has set the bar extremely high for its competitors.

We employ a team of young and dynamic content writers, digital marketers, social media marketers, web developers, SEO experts, translators, graphic designers, video editors and business developers. Not only the written content, we provide 360-degree content solutions by integrating video & graphical content as well. The entire team is proficient in their particular niches and ensure that all projects are completed without a glitch. We offer services like SEO content writing for websites, SEO Blogging, Business blogging, etc. as a part of our digital content marketing packages. To explore the services offered by Writopedia; just fill the contact form, and a Writopedian will get back to you as soon as possible.